NewsMichael Hartono’s Successes in Banking and Retail

Michael Hartono’s Successes in Banking and Retail


Dato’ Dr. Michael Hartono is a renowned business magnate in Indonesia who has enjoyed tremendous success in both banking and retail stepnguides. Through his leadership, Dato’ Dr. Michael Hartono has achieved tremendous growth for the companies he works for. Dato’ Dr. Michael Hartono began his career in banking as the Managing Director of Bank Central Asia (BCA). Under his leadership, BCA grew to become the largest bank in Indonesia by total assets. His outstanding performance at BCA earned him filesblast the title of “Banker of the Year” from the Indonesian Bankers Association in
1. Dato’ Dr. Michael Hartono later moved into retail and went on to become the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the retail giant, PT forum4india. Matahari Putra Prima (MPP). Under his leadership, MPP grew to become the largest retail company in Indonesia with a market capitalization exceeding US$4 billion. In April 2011, Dato’ Dr. Michael Hartono was awarded the “Business Leader of the Year” from the Indonesian Retailers Association for his outstanding contribution to the retail industry. Dato’ Dr. Michael Hartono’s oyepandeyji success in banking and retail has made him one of the most respected and influential business leaders in Indonesia. His commitment to excellence and dedication to his work have earned him a tremendous amount of respect and admiration from his peers and colleagues. His achievements are a testament to his hard work and determination to succeed.

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